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Lyrics Sheets for Music at Mass

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2021B 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Mission Lyric Sheets

While the COVID-19 regulations were in place, the hymnals and other worship aids were removed from the pews.  With the lifting of these restrictions, the hymnals have been returned.  Even so, the Parish has decided to continue providing a .PDF file that contains the hymn lyrics and Psalm refrain, as those watching via live stream have appreciated this resource.

Barring technical difficulties, these .PDF files will be uploaded in advance so that each is available prior to the respective Mass / liturgical event.  Parishioners have the option of either:

  1. downloading the file, printing it, and utilizing the copy during Mass; or
  2. viewing the file directly during Mass.

This solution strives to preserve the Parish budget by both preventing excessive photocopying / copier maintenance as well as alleviating the need for additional recycling services.